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Value that we can provide to sympathetic partners (supporting companies)

Aiming to create better leadership from the "Zen" mind, which is needed by world leaders in the AI era
The Zen mindset is the foundation of Steve Jobs and many other leaders in Japan and abroad. We will provide an opportunity to deeply learn about the decision-making and behavior of leaders as they navigate the VUCA world. In addition, by merging with the latest technology and science featured in Zen2.0, we will provide content that is more modern and updated.

Deepen your understanding of "well-being" and "mindfulness" that are needed in corporate organizations and increase the possibility of introducing them into your organization.
You can gain an experiential understanding of ``mindfulness,'' which is said to be essential for education in the coming era and is being adopted by companies and governments around the world. In addition to exploring the ``sustainability of organizations'' that can be achieved by introducing ``mindfulness,'' which enhances individual well-being and enhances relationships within organizations, we provide an opportunity to create organizations that are more likely to innovate in the VUCA era. To do.

Promotion and understanding of the mindset of SBNR people, who will be the core of future consumption.

By promoting to SBNR people, who are the new core consumer group that is increasing among young people not only in Japan but around the world, and by directly contacting and talking with people with these attributes at the venue. , you can understand the mindset.

Promoting SDGs, IDGs, and CSR, or expressing commitment to human resource development toward these goals

The ``Dharma'' of ``Buddhist monks'', which is cherished as a pillar of Zen2.0, is to learn from the providence of nature. Cultivate a mindset of coexistence with all living things. In recent years, there has been a movement to promote IDGs (Inner Development Goals) at the same time as SDGs initiatives, mainly in Northern Europe, and it is said that the growth of individual mindsets is essential for promoting SDGs. You can express your commitment to promoting SDGs and CSR, and developing human resources for them.

World-class networking

Compared to the cost of sending employees to experience mindfulness and sustainability on the West Coast of the United States, you can network with world-class monks, scientists, and social and environmental activists much more efficiently.

Looking for sympathetic partners

Zen2.0 is looking for partners who can sympathize with us.
Please feel free to contact us.

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