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Zen2.0 Conference 2024
10.11(fri) & 10.12 (sat)

Kenchoji Temple, Kamakura (in Person) Online/Video Archives to be available



A limited number of Super Early Bird tickets will be available in advance. The price is very reasonable. The number of tickets is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible.
(For reference: regular price is 28,000 yen for 2-day pass, 18,000 yen for 1-day pass, and 12,000 yen for online pass)


This year's Zen 2.0 will be a deep dialogue with speakers and participants, as we reevaluate our relationship with the earth and seek inner peace and harmony with the outside world through the practice of Zen and mindfulness.


The Birth Story



Realization of a Mindful Planet: Zen2.0 aims to transcend national borders, racial and cultural barriers to build a mindful planet for all humankind. With the wisdom of Zen and mindfulness at its core, this mission seeks to create harmony in the outer world through the pursuit of inner human peace. We seek to resonate with all life that shares the planet and to realize a Mindful Planet.


How will the world change in 2050? Not only those that are already apparent, such as the further evolution of technology, environmental issues, inequality, and division of labor, but also may be new social issues may that may arise.  Zen2.0 aim to reconnect with the innate potential of human beings, which is fundamentally linked to Zen and mindfulness, and to create a compassionate society in which each of us resonates in harmony with others. To this end, we will create a "place of awareness" that values self-reflection and dialogue, and a "place of connection" between diverse values and relationships that transcend physical distance, leading to a prosperous and sustainable planet where all humankind can live together in harmony.


Zen2.0’s mission is to create a mindful planet, where all of Humanity can live in harmony with the Earth, and where all living things are respected as sacred beings.
Zen2.0 aims to realize a society in which “True Self”, “Nature” and “Connection (community)” are in complete harmony.
This a concept borrows from the Three Jewel in Buddhism
    - Become aware of our true selves (Buddha)

    - Learn from the laws of Nature (Dharma), and
    - Deepening the connection with others/ community (Samgha)

Becoming aware of our true self

Becoming aware of
our True Selves

Learning from the providence of nature​

Learn from
 the laws of Nature

Deeply connected with other companies and society

Deep Connection with others and the community 

Zen2.0 Activities

The Zen2.0 Conference
Zen2.0 is an international conference on Zen and mindfulness held in Kamakura, Japan, every fall since 2017 at Kenchoji Temple in North Kamakura, Japan, with an amazing lineup of speakers, including Zen and mindfulness leaders and scientists from Japan and abroad, to learn about our mind and consciousness through Zen, meditation and mindfulness.  
Zen2.0 is based on the 3 jewels in Buddhism, "Buddha, Dharma, and Samgha," and aims to connect activities such as "technology and spirituality," "thought and physicality," and "the universe and the individual." The mission is to create a mindful planet where all humankind can share the earth in a spiritually rich way, transcending all borders and differences. This is a very essential theme for people who are busy in the current age of digital technology, and where the value of diversity is increasing.
With participants from Japan and other countries, the group is expanding its activities both online and offline as a global effort to spread Zen and Zen culture throughout the world.


2024 Speakers

*Speakers will be posted as soon as they are determined.


To our sympathetic partners (sponsors)

The value we can offer



We will send you the latest information such as the start of ticket sales!


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