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2024 event theme

This year's theme for the 8th edition of Zen 2.0 is "Sitting on the Soil - Touching the Earth".

   While the world continues to be in turmoil due to war, important elections are scheduled in more than 60 countries, including the United States. Furthermore, while the rapid development of AI promises a breakthrough for humanity, there are also concerns about widening inequalities and increasing feelings of division.

   The slow progress in solving environmental problems is also a matter of concern for others. In order to leave a beautiful future to our descendants, it is important for us to deepen our understanding of the planetary health concept that the entire planet, including mankind, is an organic system and is closely connected, and of the mechanism that the natural environment closest to us is our 'gut environment', which is the 'soil' where we put down roots. This is an important task for us.

   At a time like this, is it ever difficult to see clear leadership and direction, and do you ever get the feeling that it is hard to decide what to turn to? Isn't it time for each of us, as vast and benevolent beings like the earth, to be firmly rooted in the ground and awaken our inner leadership?

   At this year's Zen 2.0, we will review our relationship with the Earth through Zen and mindfulness practices, seek inner peace and harmony with the outside world, and engage in deep dialogue with the speakers and participants. We sincerely look forward to your participation as a first step towards a sustainable future.

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