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It will be held in a sacred place called a Zen temple. It is also a meeting to touch the heart of Zen, so please consider the following points.

About the venue

  • Please refrain from coming by car, as we cannot prepare a parking lot at Kenchoji.
    It takes about 20 minutes on foot from Kita-Kamakura, about 2 buses per hour, and about 10 minutes by taxi from Kamakura Station, so please allow plenty of time when visiting.

  • Please note that there is no convenience store near Kenchoji Temple.

  • Please note that it is difficult to receive radio waves other than docomo at the Kenchoji venue.

  • The venue is basically non-smoking. Please refrain from bringing in alcoholic beverages.

About eating and drinking

  • Please refrain from bringing food or drinks that cannot be closed into the venues, except for eating and resting areas.

  • Please refrain from eating at the lecture hall.

  • Please refrain from placing drinks such as plastic bottles directly on the tatami mats and floor.

About clothes

  • Please refrain from wearing shorts, sandals, etc., as the venue will be a sacred place called a Zen temple.

  • Please take off your headgear (hat, towel, etc.) indoors.

  • If you are going to participate in zazen, please come in comfortable clothes. During zazen, we recommend that you remove your socks, watches, accessories, etc., so that you can focus on what you are wearing.

  • Please refrain from wearing shoes with heels.

About shooting and information transmission

  • Photos and videos will be taken at the venue to disseminate information. There will also be media coverage.
    Therefore, please note that there is a possibility that the portraits of participants will be reflected in the photos and videos.

  • We do not prohibit photography, but please be considerate when posting on SNS, etc., as there are general visitors.
    (Please note that some sessions may not be filmed.)

  • Please use the hashtag #zen20 when sending information on SNS.

Request of the day

  • Please do not obstruct the path of general visitors, except for the session halls.

  • If you see a priest or practitioner from the temple, please greet him or her with a nod of the head priest's hand or a nod of the head priest's hand.

  • This is a place where you can experience the spirit of Zen. Please help us to keep the place clean and tidy by, for example, cleaning your shoes in the restrooms (Toji) and taking your garbage away.

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