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Zen2.0 is an International Conference on Zen and Mindfulness, held in Kamakura every year since 2017.  It is held at Kenchoji Temple, which ranks first among the Kamakura Gozan in Kita-Kamakura. Every year we invite brilliant, insightful guest speakers, not only from the Zen Buddhist world, but from many different spiritualities as well as scientists and teachers from areas such as neuro-science, philosophy and tech, to learn about the how we can develop ourselves to move towards creating a mindful planet.

Zen2.0 is Based on "Buddhism, Dharma, and Samgha," we aim to connect "technology and spirituality," "thinking and physicality," and "universe and individuals." With the mission of creating a mindful planet where all humankind can share the earth in a rich way, transcending national borders and attributes, the value of diversity will spread for people who are busy with the spread of digital technology. It is also a theme that is very needed in today's world.

Currently, we have members from regions other than Kamakura, Europe and the United States, and we are expanding our online and offline activities as a global effort to spread Zen and Zen culture to the world.


Zen2.0’s mission is to create a mindful planet, where all of Humanity can live in harmony with the Earth, and where all living things are respected as sacred beings.
Zen2.0 aims to realize a society in which “True Self”, “Nature” and “Connection (community)” are in complete harmony.
This a concept borrows from the Three Jewel in Buddhism
    - Become aware of our true selves (Buddha)

    - Learn from the laws of Nature (Dharma), and
    - Deepening the connection with others/ community (Samgha)

Realize your true self

Becoming aware of
our True Selves

Learning from the providence of nature​

Learn from
the laws of Nature

Deeply connected with other companies and society

Deep Connection with others and the community 

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