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Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Psychologist and Director of Heartfulness Lab, Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Shigematsu is a psychologist and author in mental health, well being, and diversity in the US and Japan. He has been teaching and researching at Stanford University for 20 years and is founding director of the Heartfulness program in mindful education, co-founder of LifeWorks program in transformative learning. He is faculty in the School of Medicine Center for Asian Health Education and Research; Program in Medical Humanities; and Stanford Living Education. He works globally as a scholar, teacher, and consultant in education, health care, and business. 

Born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and Irish-American father, Dr. Shigematsu draws inspiration and courage from his diverse Catholic, Buddhist, Shinto, Bushido, and Celtic heritages. His work integrates Asian spiritual wisdom with the art and scientific practice of psychology for healing and social transformation. His life’s journey is guided by a sense of destiny in crossing borders that divide people and dwelling in mastery and mystery.

Dr. Shigematsu received a doctorate in clinical and community psychology from Harvard University and was professor of education and director of the International Center at The University of Tokyo. He has been honored as a Fulbright scholar, fellow of the American Psychological Association, and distinguished Stanford faculty. 

His books in English include: From Mindfulness to Heartfulness: Transforming Self and Society with Compassion (2018); When Half is Whole (2012); and Synergy, Healing, and Empowerment (2012). His blog, "Finding Meaning in Life's Struggles" is featured online at Psychology Today.

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
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