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Kazuha Ogasawara

Bodyworker/Clinical Somatic Scientist

After majoring in astrophysics at graduate school, Kazuha worked for a domestic IT vendor as an engineer.

Later, she began to focus on the relationship between physical and mental health, and began her research.

Kazuha has been educating and enlightening people from individuals to companies about physicality and physiology for better living by considering the whole human being as one system, in a way that suits their needs, and focusing on developing the potential of individuals and organizations by introducing the perspective of "physicality.

In recent years, she has been expanding his field of activities outside of the clinical field, using her clinical somatic knowledge to support the development of products and services in the field of education and in the corporate sector.


A Science-Based Bodyworker Teaches "Peace of Mind" System Emotional Tidying Technique" (Nippo Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Certified Massage Practitioner in the State of Rikkyo and Reformia 

Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner 

Master of Science in Astrophysics

Graduate Student, Tohoku University School of Medicine

Kazuha Ogasawara
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