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Sunday, September 3rd  (JST)


Uposata (Fusatsu) - Good habits for good physical and mental health.


Uposatha is translated as "fusatsu" in Japanese. It was considered by the Buddha to be his most important event. Originally, it was a ceremony held twice a month to reflect on the reading of the precepts. Precepts means "good habits". In the Fusatsu, the participants first prostrate themselves before the Buddha and repent for their sins, which they have committed without knowing. Then the precepts are read out loud in modern Japanese so that the mind can develop good habits. It is through these precepts that the mind, called "zenjo," is quieted and correct "wisdom" can be acquired.


Introductory Zazen to Moisten
the Body and Soul


Model SHIHO, who has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years and has started to explore the world of Zen, and Issho Fujita, who has taught Aazen extensively in Japan and abroad, will collaborate to teach a Zazen class that nourishes the body and leaves no room for the temptations of the devil to enter.  In this class, you will work on body awareness, breath awareness, and mind awareness, and feel the sensation of the body and the circulation of the mind and experience the true joy of zazen.


Lunch Time


IDGs - The Transforming Society

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Join Motoyuki Oniki, co-author of "IDGs Transforming Organizations" and IDGs Japan Hub Community Executive Committee member, and Michi Mizuno for a dialogue on 3 concepts in the IDGs -- "Thinking," "Relating," and "Being" your true self. The latter half will be an experiential session to "Meet Your 90 Year Old Self", to explore the "inner compass" in the age of acceleration. "

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