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Sunday, September 3rd  (JST)


Performance Offering
"Water Dragon"


Shakuhachi Player Lenzan Kudo, and Dancer OBA collaborate for a music and dance performance offering expressing the Water Dragon




Living like Water


Through a dialogue between 2 ladies selected by Zen2.0 who have lived their life like Water -- Naomi Arimoto was diagnosed with a rare intractable disease called HAM (myelopathy) while she was working for as a staff at an institution to help the disabled. She learned to accept her situation and role in the world, and now works to provide psychological care and support for those with limited mobility, supports employment, and solves environmental issues despite her disability. Ai Futaki is a free diver and water artist (taking underwater photography). They will uncover their secret to "being like water" when facing difficulties in life and in nature.


Professor Takashi Maeno of Keio University, a leading researcher on happiness and wellbeing, and Mr. Masamichi Yamada, Chairman of Itoki Co., Ltd. and the head of Sanpo-Zen, which has been spreading Zen throughout the world, will discuss the potential for corporate performance through mindfulness and Zen practice among executives from two perspectives: well-being and Purpose Management.


Aligning our Action for Social Change - Learning from Engaged Buddhism



Joan Halifax Roshi, a world leader in compassion and socially engaged Buddhism, and Junya Ogino, a pioneer in spreading mindfulness in Japanese society, will have dialog around the topic of "Action for Social Transformation". They will discuss how to promote social transformation through the power of compassion and mindfulness, a way of being that is flexible yet powerful, like flowing water, overcoming various difficulties.


Oneness and the Possibility for Organisational and Individual Growth

Lunch Time (Dialog)


Ikigai Inspired Transformation
in the AI Era

Amidst calls for global sustainability, the world is now facing the question of whether to continue to pursue the path of efficiency and expansion through the use of AI. At the same time, the West is also beginning to pay attention to IKIGAI and Zen ways of being, which do not seek only economic expansion. In this session, we will explore the possibility of a new Japan-originated IKIGAI (ikigai) through a dialogue between Joi and Ken who know cutting-edge technology and science, and Zen monk Issho Fujita, who will talk about the possibility of seeking "IKIGAI (ikigai) without expansion" by seeking more inner happiness and purpose in life.

(Due to Joichi Ito's health condition, he was unable to attend the event, and the program was changed to a dialogue between Kenichiro Mogi and Kazuteru Fujita.)


Closing Dialog


Zen2.0's Mikio Shishido and Maki Ishiwatari Murase will welcome Master Yokota and others to review the two days and close the conference with a dialogue including the speakers and participants.

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