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 Saturday, September 2nd (JST)


Opening Ceremony


Heart Sutra, Zazen


Mikio Shishido

Makiko Ishiwata.jpg

Maki Ishiwatari Murase


Live and Die Like Water

Shigematsu Sensei will introduce us to how we can think of "Source", "Flow" and "Alignment", for us to really embrace the essence of water.



Opening A New Way to Connect with the World from the Sense of Body - Insights from the Field of Alternative Education

How can we nurture the ability to sense the path of life from the inside rather than impose them from the outside?
Ms. Harada, is working on a trial-and-error approach to better development for children at an elementary school that aims for autonomy and symbiosis, and Mr. Fujino, is engaged in research to clarify the physiological, psychological, and neural mechanisms of meditation while practicing meditation.  The two will help us understand the importance of communicating with our physical senses and  through dialog and some simple meditation work.

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Lunch Time (Dialog)


The Cycle of Intelligence and the World Created by the Body - AI and Human Relationships

Game AI developer Yoichiro Miyake will discuss in depth his approach to AI development with reference to the internal model of the human mind from the perspective of Eastern philosophies, especially Yogacara and Zen. Kazuha Ogasawara, an experienced body worker, will share her unique perspective on "body knowledge" as translated into the human body. Through her own experiences and clinical work with clients, Kazuha also feels that observing the information from the client's body and how the client responds to the environment and inputs is more eloquent than what is said in language. Kazuha is particularly interested in the relationship between "personhood" and the body, and how it crosses over with "moving AI lively. At the intersection of these two perspectives, we aim to provide a new perspective on how AI and our understanding of the human mind and body are related, and what possibilities exist. This dialogue will be of great interest to all those seeking new ways of engagement between human beings and AI.



What water teaches us from an ecological and historical perspective


The dialog will be with Satish Kumar, an environmental activist with deep insights into the spiritual world and nature beliefs who founded Schumacher College in the UK, which supports environmental activities worldwide, and Toji Kamata, Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University and an expert on traditional Japanese beliefs and thought, including Shintoism. They will analyze the issue of water environment from both scientific and traditional faith perspectives, and also explore the preciousness of water from the viewpoint of Shinto teachings. At the intersection of global issues and ancient wisdom, this dialogue is a not-to-miss session as it explores pathways to a sustainable future.

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